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Business and Skilled Visas

'Skill stream' of the Migration program includes 'Business' 'Skilled' and 'Employer Nominated' categories. Till now, General Skilled Migration (GSM) is the largest component of the Skilled Stream of Australia's immigration program while business skills visa category caters for business people with some specific characteristics. Contact us to find the best option for you.

Family and Partner Visas

Do you want to apply for a visa based on a specific familial relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident or ENZ citizen? Like all visa applicants, the eligibility of family members to travel to, enter or remain in Australia, whether temporarily or permanently, is based on complex eligibility criteria. Let us help you.

Sports and Other Temporary Work Visas

There are various temporary visas which have work rights when you come to Australia.Students visas have 40hrs/fortnight during semester and full time during semester break, graduate temporary visas, working holiday makers, temporary partner visas. There are some employer sponsored, and some are not, for instance Skilled Regional Provisional Visas, Business Provisional, Training and Research Visas. Employers are required to verify  workers' immigration status prior to and during their employment period. Consulting AusMig Matters  can help you find your best visa options

Students Visa

Do you wish to study in Australia or act as guardians for overseas students studying in Australia. The sections related to the assessment level systems, providing evidence of genuineness, visa applicants aged under 18, bringing family members to Australia etc could be daunting. Ask for a trusted and professional advice from us.

Australian Citizenship

Australian citizenship status brings with it certain rights and obligations. Some people will become Australian citizens automatically, most common being, born in Australia when at least one parent is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. However, there are also some less common ways of automatically becoming an Australian citizen that need elaboration